We Are in the Top 78 Michigan Public Schools for SAT Scores

The Michigan Department of Education announced its top-performing schools based on SAT scores in 2019. Will Carleton Academy ranked 59th on the list of best SAT scores in Michigan. They were the only public high school in Hillsdale County to exceed the state average, which was 985. Based on the 10 juniors who took the test, the average score was 1092, with an average math subscore of 525 and an average English language arts subscore of 567. 

This is the fourth year that all Michigan public high school juniors have taken the SAT, which serves as a college entrance exam and a state English language arts and math assessment. SAT scoring runs from a low of 400 to a high of 1600, while the scoring on the math and English subtests goes from 200 to 800. 

At Will Carleton, we believe in personal discipline and academic greatness. This achievement is a true reflection of our intellectual development and character formation emphasis. 

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