Hear From our Director

May 22, 2023

Dear Will Carleton Academy Families, What a glorious Sunday we had this weekend! I know my gardens appreciated the nice day so that I would finally get my hands dirty weeding, planting and mulching. Perfect spring tasks to fill a Sunday!

Prom was absolutely wonderful! Congratulations to the Student Council for hosting such a lovely event. The students looked beautiful and handsome as they wore their absolute best for this special event. The Dawn Theater looked perfect for this "Night in Hollywood" themed party. Thank you to the chaperones who spent the evening making sure our students and their guests had nothing to worry about. It was definitely a night to remember.

The 8th grade students and their chaperones made it to Washington DC on Saturday. I have received a few texts and hear that besides a few tired students, all is well. Please keep all of those travelers in your thoughts this week.

Speaking of travelling: I will be spending Monday and Tuesday on or near Mackinac Island with our 5th grade students and their chaperones. This is one of my favorite places and hopefully the students will enjoy the Island and our state park stops, as well!

This news is a repeat, but since we had a few calls last week, I thought I would simply copy and paste as a reminder: Please be reminded that the last day of school for this year will be Monday, June 12th. All of the added days will be full days of instruction with Monday, June 12th being the only half-day with dismissal at 11:40 am. Please note that the revised calendar also changes Friday, June 2nd to a full day of instruction. The high school exam schedule has also been adjusted and once that is confirmed with the high school faculty, it will be shared with the students and in an upcoming Monday Mailer. Hopefully this helps!

The ballot for the 2 candidates who expressed their interest in WCA's open board of director's seat is included in your mailer today. Please exercise your privilege to vote for the candidate that you believe will best serve on WCA's school board. Each ballot has the candidate bias attached. These ballots are due back to the office by Wednesday, May 31st. Thank you to Mr. Russell and Mrs. Sands for your interest in WCA. I look forward to serving with one of you.

Spring pictures are included with your mailer today. The photographer tells the office that he wasn't thrilled with some of the photos, so if you see a need to have a retake, please contact the WCA office and a message will be relayed to Classic Portraits. They want WCA to remain a valued customer, so they are aiming to please! I hear that class composites are almost finished, as well! We will receive those soon!

May's Pizza Day forms are included in your Monday Mailer for May's pizza lunch. Thank you to the Parent Forum for providing this monthly treat for all WCA families. You are much appreciated!