At Will Carleton Academy the wonder and joy of learning are contagious.


Principal appreciation post for Colleen
When you step into Will Carleton Academy, Colleen Vogt will probably be one of the first p
eople you meet. Within minutes of talking to her, you will find that Colleen is passionate and committed to WCA and its community. Over the past 22 years, she has built a tight-knit family within the walls of WCA and her commitment is unwavering. She makes sure everyone is working together for the good of every single student.

“The community at WCA is hard to describe because when you talk about it, sometimes people think it can’t be real. The children are friendly. The staff is second to none and everybody pitches in for everybody,” Colleen Vogt, Director of WCA, said.

Will Carleton Academy opened its doors in 1998. Since the beginning, they have committed to keeping class size small, most years this has meant 20 or fewer students per classroom. In total, there are 36 staff members that work tirelessly together to ensure that students are reaching their full potential.

“A student’s journey here is safe, respectful and created in a curious environment where the wonder and joy of learning are contagious!” Vogt said. “By the time they graduate there is a love for learning and joy in taking the next steps beyond high school.”

Will Carleton Academy has a traditional curriculum and educational atmosphere that is committed to both the intellectual development and the character formation of students. It uses the Core Virtues Program and has since the school opened 21 years ago. 

Vogt has deep roots in Hillsdale. She was a student-athlete at Hillsdale College and played softball. After graduating, she obtained her first teaching position at Hillsdale Academy and taught in its inaugural year. During this time, she saw first-hand the importance of what routine and structure provided for herself and others. She fell in love with classical education. 

“My vision would be that children can walk out of Will Carleton Academy with this foundation of everything that would make them a great adult. That they would educate, enrich and enlighten the world,” Vogt said. 

“I do what I do to be sure every child has an opportunity to be exposed to wonderful content by caring, effective teachers. Families can be very confident in sending their children to our school knowing they will be instructed and held accountable. Respectful behavior will be modeled for them every single day,” Vogt said. 

“Our teachers are prepared to instruct, discuss and explore with our students the many fulfilling content areas that provide a back-to-basic approach to education; a foundation for all that is good which leads to a successful future,” Vogt exclaimed. 

At WCA, students are thriving and excelling beyond high school. Success stories of students are incredible and they are part of a growing group of alumni. Colleen Vogt has been the champion beyond motivating and getting students to where they want to go. 

So, the next time you step into Will Carleton Academy, get to know Mrs. Colleen Vogt. We are grateful for her service and commitment to Will Carleton Academy.