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March is Reading Month at Will Carleton Academy

March is Reading Month at Will Carleton Academy

We are wrapping up March is Reading Month with our beloved tradition of the All-School Read. Our older students buddy up with younger students to read some of their favorite books together. Check out this event and more on our Facebook page. 

Earlier this month, the preschool through 6th grade families gathered for an evening of Book Bingo to kick off March is Reading Month! The faculty presented ways to enrich story time and reading skills at home. Books were flying off the prize table! It was a very fun night! 

To kick off reading month, elementary teachers and students 🐸 LEAPT 🐸 into reading on February 29th to to celebrate the leap year! Students and teachers dressed up as their favorite book characters or dressed up in green. Teachers rotated throughout classrooms to read aloud with all of the elementary classes. Can you guess some of our favorite book characters?

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