2 middle schoolers posing for a picture in the school yard.

Thankfulness this November at Will Carleton Academy

We at Livingston Classical Academy are in the holiday spirit this November, and have been hard at work this month to show how thankful we are for each one of our school communities. Join members of our office through a series of videos to learn what we’re thankful for this year at each of our incredible Classical schools.

Will Carleton Academy’s collaborative spirit, unwavering support, and dedication to their students’ success have produced a truly unique school community. We are so blessed to have this cherished partnership and the endless memories and growth we have shared. Our Brand and Design Specialist, Bayleigh Ivan shared why she is thankful for WCA this year below:

As Winter approaches, we will continue to reflect on what has been an incredible 2023 at all of our schools. Our thankfulness goes beyond November, and to see what else is happening at Will Carleton Academy, visit this link.

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