To give our very best

So that kids can grow up
To become their very best.
It’s one of the hardest jobs there is.
It’s also one of the most rewarding.

At Will Carleton Academy, we see it as our job to empower teachers to be their very best! We pride ourselves on creating a positive work environment. It’s a place you look forward to showing up to every day. A place where you can laugh. A place where you can smile. A place where you feel valued and where you can work collaboratively with your team.

Will Carleton Academy is a part of the Choice Schools Associates network of schools. Choice employs more than 600 educators and was named a Detroit Free Press 2017, 2018 and 2019 “Top Place to Work” based on employee surveys. Choice partners with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission and prioritizes the recruitment and retention of top talent as a critical component of success.

High Expectations.

We believe all students can learn if they’re surrounded by passionate, talented, growth-minded educators who genuinely care and celebrate the uniqueness of each student. We have created a space where students can talk about themselves and their lives, share their opinions and gain confidence in themselves. Students are engaged, forming relationships and working with clear intention.

Trust and Empowerment.

Our team is trusted and empowered to be creative leaders of innovation. We foster a culture of open communication and feedback between team members and students. Classrooms are dynamic and support a diverse group of learners. Students are provided with adequate space, materials, and supplies to be inspired in their learning environment.

Support and Development.

Everyone on our team is committed to the mission and focused on the whole student, working collaboratively to lead students down their unique path to success. We value and embrace lifelong learning and support each member of our team with relevant and timely opportunities. We prioritize time for collaboration and celebrate small victories along the way. We recognize the rigor, commitment and passion it takes to be a great teacher, and we reward heart and perseverance.

We can always use more heart in our schools!