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Prep Expert is offering an exclusive deal for Will Carleton Academy students. Prep Expert is a test preparation company that offers online SAT & ACT classes to help students improve test scores, get into college, and win scholarships. The average score improvement is 200 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT for students who complete all of the work required in our classes.

Course Offering

The 6-Week Flagship SAT Prep Course teaches students 100+ strategies developed by perfect-score SAT student and Prep Expert Founder Shaan Patel. They give students double the course hours at the half the price with elite, 99th-percentile instructors. This course meets twice per week for 3 hours of instruction and once per week for 4 hours of a proctored SAT exam.

Course schedule

Students may enroll in any Prep Expert 6-Week Flagship SAT Course available on the Prep Expert website that works best for their schedule. Visit the Prep Expert website for the schedule. 


Retail Prep Expert Price – $999/student
Will Carleton Academy Price (10-19 Students) – $499/student
Will Carleton Academy Price (20-49 Students) – $399/student
Will Carleton Academy Price (50+ Students) – $299/student


Prep Expert will provide reporting to the school of each student’s score improvements and completed work throughout the course. In exchange, Prep Expert hopes to be updated by each student on their actual PSAT and SAT scores, National Merit qualifying status, college admissions, and scholarship wins.

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