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High School Curriculum



Will Carleton Academy High School has a rigorous curriculum, which requires 25 year-long credits for graduation, 21 which are specifically defined.  A student could potentially earn 28 credits by taking a full seven-period course load each of his or her four years.  The requirements are as follows:


Math:  4 credits (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and one other)

Science:  3 credits (Biology, Chemistry, and one other)

History:  4 credits (World History, Western Civilizations, American History, and Government)

English:  4 credits (World, Western, American, and British Literature)

French:  2 credits

P.E.:  2 credits

Fine Arts:  2 credits

Beyond the above requirements, a student must take a minimum of four elective credits, which can be taken in-house at WCA or at one of several off-campus opportunities.


Advanced Placement

Will Carleton Academy has offered Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses in English, U.S. History, Calculus, Statistics, and Biology over the past several years, and has had students sit for the A.P. exam in French.  This May, five students will take the A.P. U.S. History exam, and one student will take the exam for French Language and Culture. If a student scores at a high enough level, he or she is eligible to receive college credit.  Students taking A.P. exams also benefit from an enhancement to their grade point average.


Dual Enrollment

Juniors and seniors in excellent academic standing have the option to dual-enroll at either Jackson College or Hillsdale College to pursue an area of academic interest beyond the scope of the WCA curriculum.  Several WCA alumni have taken advantage of this opportunity to enter their college careers with several credits in hand.


Career and Technical Programs

Will Carleton Academy also partners with the Hillsdale Area Career Center to provide additional course and career-training options for our students.  Current students spend their afternoons off-campus, studying fields such as Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, Criminal Justice, and Nursing.  These programs are typically two years in duration and combine technical training with academic coursework.